Finishing and metallisation

Right at the start, the finish for a model or a prototype will not be the same, as the two objects are made for a different purpose.

A model is the representation of an object; it is designed to be tested and validated for the sake of detecting any faults, but also to be improved. It is not necessarily life-size. Whereas a prototype possesses all the technical qualities and all the operating characteristics of a new product. Its functionality and feasibility are ensured.

Finishing of a part in Multi Jet Fusion HP :

DSC03826 16-9eme avec légende noir ENG -min

Metallisation using the Jet Metal method

The main advantage with this method is its economic gain. This method is far more advantageous than e.g. machining, while giving the illusion of a metallic piece.

This technology is clean since it contains no chromium or VOC, which is an advantage compared with other metallisation processes. We use ecological aqueous solutions, and the product packaging is adapted in such a way as to reduce carbon footprint, and the waste is recycled and upgraded.

It is always good to know that this method can be used for mock-ups, but it is impossible for large scale manufacturing.

Multiple finishings are possible:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Chromium
  • Coloured metal (red, blue, …)
  • Gradient

In our company we have the following:

  • CAD stations for processing your files in the most common formats (.STEP, .STL, .IGES, Catia, TopSolid, Rhinocéros, …)
  • PA powder Sintering Machines, PA loaded with glass, or PA HST
  • Multi Jet Fusion PA Machine
  • Stereolithography Machines (Accura 25, Clearvue, Evolve, GP Plus, Next, Nanotool, Taurus, Xtreme)
  • A workshop for the creation of silicone molds using vacuum casting
  • A duplication workshop
  • A workshop for the finishing of pieces
  • Paint and primer booths

Different possible technologies


Powder sintering

Multi Jet Fusion

Vacuum casting

Wire removal


A variety of possibilities

A large panel of materials

Diversity of technologies

An enclosure containing varied machines which allows us to print objects of any size

A varied yield:

A painting finish that is glossy, matte, satin, grained, frosted, …

Metallisation using the Jet Metal method

Sanding, finishing, …

Colouring / Impregnation / Heat treatment

Transparent pieces

Bi-material moldings / overmoldings

Inclusion of transfers / Assembly

We have a large panel of possible finishings to satisfy you:

joystick réalisé en stereolithographie par l entreprise axis

Painting following a RAL, Pantone or NCS reference or a sample, for a glossy, matte or satin finish

Finish ready to be printed or primed

Black colouring


Creation of hinges

Application of varnish(for transparency)


Metallisation using the Jet Metal method (golden, silver, chrome, gradient, colourful) and metallisation preparation

Application of insertstransfer or any other component

Prototypes d'aspirateurs en stéréolithographie


Heat treatment

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