Stereolithography :

Resin-based technology (with the presence of manufacturing support) with a good surface finish for which the raw colour can go from white to transparent. This technology has good dimensional properties (with no risk of deformation) and good tensile and thermal resistance depending on the chosen material. It is possible to make complex shapes. The possible finishes are: raw, primed, painted, metallised, assembled and grained; and we can include inserts.

Powder sintering :

This technology was created based on white powder, which gives rise to a porous surface condition. The models made based on this process have good mechanical, thermal and tensile strength, and quite good dimensional precision. We can create complex pieces, with mechanisms, hinges, inclusions, clip, … and the possible finishes include: raw, primed, painted, metallised, assembled, grained.

Multi Jet Fusion HP :

Powder-based technology creating a grey porous surface state based on black agents and a white PA powder. The models achieved with this process have good mechanical, thermal, tensile strength and an extreme, fine dimensional accuracy. It is possible to create complex shapes with mechanisms, hinges, inclusions, clips, … with no risk of deformation. The possible finishes are: rough, black colour, primed, painted, metallic, assembled, grained.

Vacuum casting :

This technology was realised based on a piece made in stereolithography used as a master model in a silicone mold for which the PU material was introduced in a vacuum. The properties of the produced prototypes depend on the chosen material but they are quite close to injection material. The colour is then aaplied throughout the material according to your choice,even with dual material. The possible finishes are: inserting, assembing, painting, …

Fused Deposition Modelling :

The models are made based on a strata-melted plastic wire with an irregular appearance but a large colour spectrum. They have good mechanical, thermal and tensile strength, and fairly good dimensional accuracy.


This technology enables the creation of plastic prototypes made of good material (similar to injection) with a good surface finish in the desired colours (mass-tinted). They will have good thermal resistance, making it ideal for tests (even mechanical ones).

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